Our story begins after a last minute scramble to find a Mother's Day gift (we've all been there). Our founder spent the afternoon taking her young niece to multiple jewelry stores and with no luck they settled on a handmade card. It was after her niece finished her drawing the idea suddenly sprouted to turn it into their own jewelry!
Using the design on the card, our founder's at-home 3D printer, and an old necklace chain Sprout's first masterpiece was created. Then came birthday requests followed by the holiday season and the response was overwhelming! 
Sprout Design Lab was founded by a small team of female engineers who wanted to combine their love for celebrating children's creativity with their passion for engineering design. 
Just like you we have piles of kid's artwork and messy fridges covered with beautiful drawings! Children's imaginations are far more active while creating art and it is these "perfectly imperfect" drawings that we want to preserve. Our mission is to turn children's artwork into unique, personal heirlooms to be treasured by parents and grandparents for a lifetime.